Podcast: Interview and recordings about Re-echo and International Rostrom of Composers

Composer Katy Abbott in conversation, with music, including her duo for cello and vibraphone – an Australian entry to this year’s International Rostrum of Composers.

The International Rostrum of Composers is both a competition and a kind of music trade fair which brings together classical music broadcasters from all over the world to present recordings of selected new works from their respective countries. While everyone is vying for the honour of having their work ‘Selected’ as the ‘winner’ by the assembled delegates, the main aim of this unique event is to give radio makers the chance to hear music by composers perhaps unfamiliar to them, and to bring it back to play to radio audiences in their own country.

Katy Abbott’s Re-echo was chosen as one of three Australian pieces to be presented to this year’s Rostrum in Wroclaw, Poland.

In this program you’ll hear Katy in conversation with Stephen Adams about her music and motivations as a composer. You’ll also hear several examples of her music, including a studio recording of her Re-echo for cello and vibraphone performed by Julian Smiles and Claire Edwardes.



Re-echo – Julian Smiles (cello), Claire Edwardes (vibraphone) (ABC Classic FM recording)

The Domestic Sublime:  iii) Coathangers Galore   vi) At the Clothesline – Greta Bradman (soprano), Leigh Harrold (piano)
(Independent CD release, LR 1302 (also available digitally through ABC Classics)

Midnight Songs:  I) Lullaby; iii) Variations – Ensemble Three (Tall Poppies, TP237)

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