The Artists’ Mentor provides Professional Development to Artists (across disciplines) in the form of free and paid programs including Katy’s signature program:
CATAPULT: 6-month Artist Mentoring Virtual Residency Program.


Katy has a unique and holistic approach to mentoring in the Arts, providing in-depth programs and resources that make a career-defining difference for Established Artists and Arts Leaders so they can build vibrant, long-term careers that have the impact and meaning for which they’ve always aspired.

Katy’s driver and mentoring philosophy build from the idea the world needs artists to use their strong, clear voices to affect change, and as such, she promotes an aligned/holistic approach to the Artist – Art dynamic.

As an experienced and intuitive educator and mentor, she is able to identify and address the underlying issues Artists face, offering practical, tailored strategies to help them grow their practice and confidently use their artistic voice with more profound impact.