Upcoming performances around the world.

Melbourne Chamber Orchestra

Music Speaks

Glacial Thunder (world premiere)
String Orchestra

29 February, 2024 @ 7:30pm

3rd March, 2024 @ 2:30pm
Melbourne Recital Centre



The Domestic Sublime
Soprano + Piano

12 March 2024, 8pm (CET)
Namur Concert Hall, Belgium


Heidi von Bernewitz & Robert Nairn


Seranade (world premiere)
Viola + Double Bass

Early 2024
Elder Hall, Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adelaide (SA)


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO Chamber)

Hidden Thoughts I: Do I Matter?
SAATBB + Sextet

April 21, 2024
Iwaki Auditorium, VIC. Australia

Tickets (available October, 2023)

Victorian College of the Arts

The Peasant Prince
Narrator + Orchestra

May 28th, 2024, 4:30pm

Tickets TBA

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra/Martin

MSO for Schools: Hosted by Katy Abbott + Ingrid Martin

The Peasant Prince
Narrator + Orchestra

May 31st, 2024, 10:10am + 12:30pm
Hamer Hall, Melbourne


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra/Martin

CLASSIC KIDS: Hosted by Katy Abbott + Ingrid Martin

The Peasant Prince
Narrator + Orchestra

June 1, 2024, 10:30am

June 1, 2024, 12:30pm (relaxed performance)
Hamer Hall, Melbourne


The Song Company / Vespers For Mother Earth

Flying (2015)

June 23, 2024
City Recital Hall



The Song Company / The Stars Turn

Flying (2015)

June 14, 15 + 30, 2024
Newcastle: June 14

Woolongong: June 15

Canberra: June 30


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra/Leonard Weiss

Hidden Thoughts II: Return To Sender
Narrator, Mezzo-Soprano + String Orchestra*

Richard Piper (Narrator)

Lotte Betts-Dean (Mezzo-Soprano)

August 1, 2024
Iwaki Auditorium, VIC. Australia

Tickets (available October, 2023)

*Premiere of this orchestral edition

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra/Benjamin Northey (World Premiere)

Hidden Thoughts III: Stories of Awe (world premiere)
Narrator, Female & Male Voices, Orchestra

Pamela Rabe (Narrator)

Sunny Kim (Voice)

Andrew O’Connor (Voice)

August 9 + 10, 2024
Hamer Hall, VIC. Australia

Tickets (available October, 2023)

Please contribute your thoughts for possible inclusion in the piece: bit.ly/stories-of-awe

Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Staff and Student Voices/ A Toast To Melbourne

I’ll Meet You There: Three Vignettes of Truth (Victorian Premiere)
SATB + piano voices

Program Curator: Linda Barcan
Musical Direction & Conductor: Stephen Grant

Music: Abbott, Greenbaum, Gyger and Kouvaras

August 13, 2024. 7:30pm
Hanson Dyer Hall, VIC. Australia

Tickets (TBA)

Past Events 2023

Katy Abbott: Keynote Speaker – Text as Inspiration & Writing for Voice
ACCET Choral Training Summer School. Melbourne. 16-19 January 2023

Nicholas Russoniello – Egyptian Wish. Sydney Festival, January 27 2023

Kentucky University Brass – Punch. Kentucky, USA. 22 February 2023

Josephine Vains & Rob Cossom: Music for Reflection (Chamber Music Festival). Re-Echo. Melbourne. 1 March 2023

Jerry Wong: Glisten. Singapore. 15 March 2023

Orchestra Victoria: Fanfare For The Melancholy. Melbourne. 30 March 2023

Seattle Symphony Orchestra: The Peasant Prince. Seattle. 1 April 2023

Halcyon/New Music Studio: No Ordinary Traveller. Melbourne. 5 April 2023

Alma Ensemble: Making Angels. Virginia, USA. 25 April 2023

Ensemble Offspring: ReEcho. Melbourne, Sydney, Orange. 10, 11, 13, 15 May 2023

Jerry Wong: Glisten. Melbourne. 23 May 2023

Voyces: Flying. Perth. 27 May 2023

Peninsula Singers: Stars That Split The Night. Melbourne. 18 June 2023

Canberra Symphony Orchestra: Re-Echo. Melbourne. 22 June 2023

Mark Gaydon: MultiSonics. International Double Reed Society Conference 2023 Bangkok, 20 July 2023

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Snare Drum Award: Whirl. Melbourne, 28 August, 2023

University of WA Wind Symphony: Fast Ride In A Suave Machine, Perth, 30 August 2023

WAAPA Symphony Orchestra + Perth Symphony Orchestra: Fast Ride In A Suave Machine, Perth, 12 October, 2023

Nicholas Russoniello / Musica Viva Tour: Egyptian Wish, NSW 13 – 16 October, 2023

Willoughby Symphony Choir: I’ll Meet You There, Sydney, 18 November, 2023