Vibraphone + Cello.  5:20 minutes.  (2015)

Re-Echo for vibraphone and cello was written for Claire Edwardes and Julian Smiles and appears on Kammerbox (ABC Classics). This work is a re-imagining of another work The Empty Quarter by Katy Abbott. It is a region in Saudi Arabia (that borders the UAE where she was living at the time).

Although elements of the work hint at the desolate isolated geographical area, (which incidentally inhabits some of the worlds most formidable sand-dunes), it also contains other, emotionally ‘empty’ aspects, such as separation from country and family/friends.

‘It was very still, with the silence which we have driven from our world’

French Philospher Wilfred Thesiger
(on his journey through The Empty Quarter,the largest desert on earth)





Interview with Katy Abbott on Re-Echo being chosen as one of three Australian pieces to be presented to the 2016 International Rostrum of Composers in Wroclaw, Poland.


Appears on the album Kammerbox (ABC Classics).

Performance of Re-Echo by Claire Edwardes (vibraphone) and Blair Harris (cello)


Many broadcasts and performances around the world including:

Claire Edwardes and Julian Smiles

Robert Cossom and Josephine Vains

Ensemble Offspring (Edwardes and Harris)